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KSFR/Santa Fe Public Radio [mp3 file]: Live interview with High Ambitions director Curt Dowdy

KUSP/Monterey Bay Public Radio [Real Player stream]: Live interview with High Ambitions director Curt Dowdy

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Internet Movie Database (IMDB) : "The best documentaries take you to places that you've never been before -- and probably aren't ever likely to go. But the best of the best do this in a way that other documentaries don't. So it is in HIGH AMBITIONS IN THE HIMALAYA."

MetroActive : "Dowdy's documentary about an expedition up Cho Oyu, the sixth-highest mountain in the world, was voted into the festival by fans via Cinequest's Vuze Audience Favorites competition online. It's not hard to see why; as a testament to the sheer endurance and perhaps insanity it takes to scale a peak like this, it's hard to imagine something grittier."

Good Times [pdf file]: "Dowdy’s documentary is already generating buzz as one of the festival favorites, and for good reason. For anyone who has ever dreamed of climbing one of the world’s highest mountains, or even wondered about making a life change, this film is honest and inspiring."

Metro [pdf file]: " High Ambitions illustrates, the point of the expedition isn't "getting to the top," but trying to learn to be humble and gracious in face of Nature, who is the one ultimately calling the shots on this kind of life journey."

Sedona/Verde Valley Independent [pdf file] : "...more of an introspective look at extreme mountaineering rather than just sensationalizing the sport."

Mount Shasta Herald [pdf file] : "High Ambitions is filled with spectacular scenery, mountain climbing details, personal insights and specially composed music."

Redding Record Searchlight [pdf file] : "Dowdy... tried to bring heart to a genre of films that are often testosterone and adrenaline driven."

Good Times : High Ambitions... "is a must see" - Jane Sullivan, Director, Santa Cruz Film Festival

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